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Please read washing instruction labels carefully. Some garments may require dry cleaninig.


Before wearing a garment for the first time, wash it inside-out in cold water on the "Permanent Press" cycle with a mild detergent without bleach to remove excess dye. Never use detergents with bleach.


Choose the "Permanent Press" cycle and a low heat. Avoid drying on high heat. Remove garments at the end of the cycle to avoid creasing. You may also hang them dry.


Set iron to medium heat. A high temperature can easily singe or burn your uniforms and permanently damage them. To help avoid the "shiny effect" often caused by high heat, iron inside-out or use a press cloth over your uniforms and set your iron to the "steam" setting.

Please note: To avoid damage and fading, never add bleach when washing coloured fabrics.

To remove stains:

  • There are several ways to avoid permanent staining: it is highly recommended that you do not let a stain set in before treating, otherwise it will be more difficult to remove.
  • Use a stain remover, Spray n' Wash, Wisk or Shout, and wait a few minutes before washing.
  • Squirt a little liquid dishwashing soap on the stain and wait a few minutes before washing.
  • Never mix uniforms in the washing machine with jeans or towels. This will cause damage to man-made or synthetic fibers.