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Discover our solutions for your brand image

Indeed, the increased demands imposed by the current market force us to enhance all aspects that promote the good perception of our customers. The reputation, competence and image of your employees are interrelated and make up the first impression with your customers.

The way your employees dress gives the first non-verbal message to your customers. UTC can help you to maximize the impact of your clothing and to unify your brand image.

With our expertise and in light of your needs, we will be able to present you with an evolving customized program to ensure that your employees' image and your company's image are in sync.

Since 1957, UTC has been proud to create collections that exceed all your expectations. We know that beyond a uniform, it's a sense of belonging that you want to bring to your team.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have enough merchandise in stock in our warehouses. However, we always recommend to validate your needs with us 6 months in advance when it comes to a more demanding program.

We try to make this happen as little as possible, but if it happens, we will offer you a similar replacement item.

We offer in most of our models, the sizes XP to XXXG, 00 to 24 years or 36 to 54. We also have some models that offer sizes 1X to 4X.

Of course, we offer the complete customization service such as embroidery and screen printing and this, right here in our workshops.

You have the choice, we offer the complete service of ordering online or by phone. It is also possible to make a wholesale order and to do stock management yourself. It's up to you!

Our online platform provides a quick and easy solution to support your franchisees on a daily basis in purchasing uniforms for their teams.

They will receive a user guide, their own usernames and password to log into the customized online store that contains the program with all the merchandise selected and approved by you.

They will also be able to check on the status of their orders and delivery so they know when they will be delivered. They will also have access to their order histories at any time.

Yes! Our design team as well as the research and development department will be available for you to inform you of the market trends in order to find the style that matches your brand image.

The creation of a specific model is possible but it has several conditions to respect. That's why we suggest choosing a range of garments from our many collections that are available to you. Rest assured that customization will ensure that your brand image is highlighted and therefore, unique!

We strongly suggest ordering a set of samples in order to make the first fitting with employees. This will avoid delays and accumulating inventory unnecessarily.

Although this is always at your discretion, we recommend a minimum of 3 sets for a person who works full time and 2 sets for those who work part time.

UTC believes in the longevity and durability of our products. Our philosophy is to create uniforms with lasting quality, timeless style and unbeatable comfort that can be worn for years, even when trends change. We recommend changing the program after 3 years or at least adding some new features that your employees will appreciate.

Whether for an apron or 1000, we offer a fixed cost of $13.50 per order across Canada.

As soon as your order is processed, we will send your uniforms as soon as possible. For orders with customization, allow between 7 to 14 business days. The transit time of your order depends on your location.

Estimated delivery times, are as follows:
QC: 1-2 business daysON
: 1-3 business daysMB,
SK, NB, PEI, NS: 2-4 business daysAB
, NL: 4-6 business daysBC
: 5-7 business daysYT
, NT, NU: 7-9 business days